The Camel T-Zone

Only Duff fills your Q-zone with pure beer goodness. — Doctor guy, “Duffless”

Ignoring what “Q” would stand for in the above advert, let us turn instead to the stimulating vapors given off by a cool Camel. Right … here!

I can’t tell who’s behind the website that hosts the above-linked vid, but it certainly has some entertaining old timey cigarette ads that will drop your jaw. My favorite are the ones in which the Flintstones shill for Winston. More astounding is that these ancient commercials often clear the one-minute mark. I was cruising Facebook eight seconds in.

Nonetheless, with the support of the medical community behind it, Camel would hammer home its T-zone pitch time and again in the post-WWII years. Click here for a series of equally entertaining Camel ads from the golden era of smoking right up through the forced retirement of Menthol Moose.

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