The Streak

My Best Of Ray Stevens, featuring ‘The Streak’ album! So it was the dog that buried all our stuff. — Homer

Yes … the dog. — Marge, “Two Dozen And One Greyhounds”

Speaking of novelty records, celebrate your Friday with this very obnoxious song:

Meet Ray Stevens. Per his website:

Ray Stevens just thinks funny. His humor is keenly observant and rich in nuance.

Exactly. Much like our friend Johnny Calhoun, Stevens’ career has lately tended toward bold right-wing political statements, expressed through the joy of song.

Here’s his most recent disc, which contains such tracks as “My Uncle Sam”, “God Save Arizona”, and, in a cut that I presume is as keen and nuanced as they come, “Obama Budget Plan”. Believe it or not, I didn’t Photoshop this:

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