Chairman Arnold

Come on! Even my fat mama can touch her toes! — Rainier Wolfcastle, “Bart Star”

Years before he ascended to the California governorship (and maybe president by now, who keeps track?), Arnold Schwarzenegger got a taste of politics in 1990 when he was named chairman of The President’s Council On Physical Fitness And Sports, a government organization created in the ’50s to combat the ongoing widening of American children’s asses.

Arnold, who was in the midst of a very healthy acting career at the time, was a safe bet to helm the organization, given his impressive physique, right-wing leanings, and healthy public image.

Not safe for work! Hey, I think that’s what “NSFW” stands for!

Arnold — “Conan The Republican”, as dubbed by H.W. — spent three years pumping up our children, which he apparently accomplished through a rigorous horseshoes/book selling regimen.

Then he impregnated that woman and was made a damn governor.

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3 Responses to Chairman Arnold

  1. Hey the NSFW for work warning goes *above* the image.

  2. made me laugh out loud – at work! super fab!

  3. JL says:

    Homer: (thinking) Oh, my God, a naked celebrity, be cool, don’t stare at his famous wang…

    Rainier Wolfcastle: Ha ha ha, go ahead, look, the whole world already saw it on Nudist Camp Commandant. (standing up) I WORE NOTHINK!!!

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