Frank ‘Cannonball’ Richards

My God! Those cannonballs have practically demolished your stomach! From now on, no cannonballs, no spicy foods, and when you lie in a hammock, please, rest your beer on your head or your genitals. — Veterinarian, “Homerpalooza”

More than just a famous piece of stock footage, Frank “Cannonball” Richards exploded onto the freak show scene in the Depression era thanks to his iron gut, which he regularly subjected to up to two cannonball blasts per day. Granted, these were spring-loaded shots (as opposed to gunpowder), but the important thing is that he tried.

This video hilariously captures his exploits:

Keep in mind that this is pretty much exactly how Harry Houdini died. However, Richards was evidently made of sterner stuff. He died in 1969, a few weeks shy of his 82nd birthday. Better eat your Wheaties.

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One Response to Frank ‘Cannonball’ Richards

  1. EJ says:

    In Million Dollar Abie, a montage of sounds is used as the camera zooms in on Homer in the basement while he’s working on his Springfield Meltdowns material. What is the “Ring Around the Rosie” in reference to, and are the sequence of sounds (pinball machine, typewriter, etc.) in any way related to each other? I’m most interested in Ring Around the Rosie, though. As the Simpsons Wiki says, It’s “ghostly”!

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