Would you turn off that rock n’ rock music? — Father dinosaur
Hey, don’t have a stegosaurus, man. — Son dinosaur, “Black Widower”

I’m not sure it’s fair to say that Dinosaurs was a Simpsons rip-off, as the concept of documenting the zany exploits of a nuclear family led by an ordinary, blue-collar slob isn’t exactly reinventing the wheel, but certain similarities can’t entirely be ignored.

One notable difference is that Earl … the dinosaur wore a red shirt while Homer’s is generally white. Also, there’s the issue of whatever this thing is, plucked straight from the Eraserhead set, no doubt:

Deeply upsetting. It’s worth noting that the Dinosaurs writers returned the above-quoted jab in an episode aired a few months after “Black Widower”:

Earl: This is why TV stinks. One show’s a hit — they make fifty more like it with the same characters and the same premise.

Baby: Don’t have a cow, man!

Check and mate. Dinosaurs was cancelled in 1994.

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3 Responses to Dinosaurs

  1. Oh my god, I used to watch this show! I absolutely loved it! And I loved this compilation, especially the monster bat bit!

  2. hipsquared says:

    “Wow! It’s like they took our lives, and put it right on the screen!” – Bart watching Dinosaurs…

  3. The show wasn’t just cancelled. The entire cast froze/starved to death. How can The Simpsons top that ending? One word: cannibalism.

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