Freedom From Want

Ah, Mr. Simpson, you’re forgetting the first two Noble Truths Of The Buddha. — Sideshow Bob

I am not. — Homer, “Black Widower”

Continuing with our exploration of the works of Norman Rockwell, please consider the above piece, “Freedom From Want”, which appears in not one, but two Simpsons eps … can you handle it?

The title of the Rockwell painting derives from a speech made by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who in 1941 gave a speech entitled, “The Four Freedoms”, in which he outlined those four rights inherent to man’s, uh, man-ness:

  1. Freedom of speech/expression
  2. Freedom from want
  3. More rock
  4. Less talk

A couple of years later, Rockwell depicted FDR’s ideals, in pog form:

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