Wally Ballou

—ockman, just outside the county courtroom, where an argument about chowder has spilled over into the biggest trial in Springfield history. Behind these doors, a federal judge will ladle out steaming bowls of rich, creamy justice in a case the media have dubbed, “Beat-Up Waiter”. This reporter suggested “Waitergate”, but was shouted down at the press club. — Kent Brockman, “The Boy Who Knew Too Much”

A very subtle reference tucked into The Boy Who Knew Too Much is Brockman having the first bit of his name cut off when covering the Freddy Quimby trial, a hat tip to newshound Wally Ballou of the Bob & Ray radio show, who would begin his broadcasts in the same way.

Ballou, played by Bob Elliott (father of Chris, grandfather of Abby) both in the studio and in the live production above, was apparently also the inspiration for the schmo working in a box factory in Bart Gets Famous, but I can’t say I see it. Hear it, maybe.

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