Charles Osborne

Tonight, on Eye On Springfield, we meet a man who’s been hiccuping for 45 years. — Kent Brockman

[hic] Kill me. — Hiccuping guy, “Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie”

The unfortunate man depicted above is most likely based on Charles Osborne, an American who in 1922 emerged from a pig slaughtering accident with a nonstop case of the ol’ singultus.

And henceforth he was the hiccup guy. For 68 years straight, Osborne hiccuped between 20 and 40 times per minute, an ailment supposedly caused by a malfunction of the part of the brain that normally inhibits such behavior. Apparently, the hiccups abruptly stopped a year before his death, which must have been unsettling at that point.

But the previous factoids have all been a mean ruse to cover my true motives for today’s entry. Presenting … Mr. Hiccup (!), a bizarre Italian cartoon I discovered in my research. I know I casually drop a lot of YouTube videos on this site, but you would be advised to round out the remainder of your trip watching this one:

Whatever team of geniuses came up with Mr. Hiccup gives the various Simpsons writers rooms a run for their money, di certo.

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2 Responses to Charles Osborne

  1. Dr. Colossus says:

    Love the site.

    Can we get a post on the “HAIG IN ’88” t-shirt featured in Homer’s mugshot? I’ve met a few fans who aren’t very familiar with the former Secretary of State’s presidential run…

  2. Gnubeutel says:

    It’s Bruno Bozzetto, who did some of the most cherished cartoons of my childhood.

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