All right! Fangoria will give me 25 bucks for this shot! — Otto, “22 Short Films About Springfield”

Billing itself as “The First In Fright Since 1979”, Fangoria is a surviving relic of an era when horror magazines (not to be confused with terror magazines, which totally suck) were a hot item in the nerd community. Behold!

Try to remember a time in your childhood, long before you became a cynical blogger wed to your laptop, when the phrase “GIANT ROBOT POSTER” was enough to draw you in. Goodbye.

Anyway, among the various minutiae included in the “In Other Media” section of Fango’s Wikipedia entry is this informative nugget:

Chucky masturbates while looking at an issue of Fangoria in the film Seed of Chucky (2004).

No, wait, one up from that …

In The Simpsons episode “22 Short Films About Springfield” (1996), bus driver Otto Mann takes a photograph of Lisa Simpson with various foodstuff stuck in her hair, claiming, “Fangoria will pay me twenty-five bucks for this shot!” Several months later, the magazine published the “pic” of Lisa with the gum in her hair.

Whoa! If this is true, my hat is off to you, Fangoria. I tried to research the matter as best I could, but was unable to come up with verification. This will not help my cause. Nonetheless: 22SFAS first aired in April 1996. Fangoria apparently runs 10 issues a year. The options are limited. The truth is out there.

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3 Responses to Fangoria

  1. How about a Matlock-themed post dedicated to the late (and probable culprit) George “Goober” Lindsay?

  2. Ed Flanders says:

    How about a Matlock-themed post in honor of the recently-departed (and probable threatening-letter culprit) George “Goober” Lindsay?

  3. It’s true, I had the issue. The caption read “This one is really inside” or something like that. it took me a bit to get it when I saw it…

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