Sweet Fanny Adams

Actually, Luann, I don’t really know anything about you … — Marge

Forget it! She’s gone! Presto, change-o! Ka-boom! Sweet Fanny Adams! Bye-bye! — Luann Van Houten, “A Milhouse Divided”

Sweet Fanny Adams? To decipher this one, we turn first to the chief authority on just about everything: Urban Dictionary.

Usually a more pleasant way of saying “fuck all” or an alternative way of saying “nothing at all”.

Fanny Adams = F.A. = Fuck all … simple enough. But who was Ms. Adams, and why so dismissive? Here, it gets a little horrible.

As recounted in this gruesome history … well, honestly, you can read it for yourself. It’s not good.

But, nonetheless, a silver lining to the horrors emerged when British sailors began referring to their daily rations as “Fanny Adams”, likening the cheap tinned meat to the dead girl’s remains. From there, Fanny Adams became shorthand for anything of mean value. And now you have something to tell members of the opposite sex at parties.

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2 Responses to Sweet Fanny Adams

  1. Gabbo says:

    Say this reminds me… how about a post on Gabby Hayes? As in, “That Milhouse is going to be big — Gabby Hayes big!”

    Also, please to add a search function to this website, schnell?

  2. mcgarnagle says:

    That can be arranged. And, yes, this website is woefully in need of a redesign. Can’t someone else do it (cheaply)?

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