Up With People

Ladies and gentlemen, Hooray For Everything invites you to join them in a salute to the greatest hemisphere on Earth: The Western Hemisphere! The dancin’est hemisphere of all! — Announcer, “Bart vs. Thanksgiving”

The saccharine melodies of Hooray For Everything could be taken straight from the songbook of Up With People, which according to its mission statement is, “a global education organization which aims to bring the world together through service and music”. But these aren’t your Grandpa’s weirdos:

As The Simpsons reference, UWP did perform at many a Super Bowl halftime show — four of them, in fact. Big smiles, now:

Want more than a taste? Well, they’re currently (and — seeing as how the group has an infinite number of fresh young faces to call on should any one face need replacing — perpetually) touring, so feel free to take a walk on the wild side after you’ve finished your homework.

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3 Responses to Up With People

  1. Gabbo says:

    Come on snipers, where are you? These guys were the Glee of their day.

  2. Yes Mr. Sherman, Everything Stinks says:

    check out the theme song at 1:17 and compare to the cover of this 2009 Jim Carrey flick

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