The Bush Vomiting Incident

I’ll ruin you like a Japanese banquet! — George H.W. Bush, “Two Bad Neighbors”

Much like the Dick Cheney quail hunt and the time Calvin Coolidge got hit with a football in the groin, our elected officials occasionally sing for their supper. George H.W. Bush’s visit to Japan in Jan. 1992, in which Magog succumbed to the effects of a flu bug in violent fashion, might very well be the best of them all.

Amazingly, we have video. Be sure to watch the whole thing for the slow-mo at the end (followed by Dana Carvey’s take):

Fortunately for George, his father was there to tend to him. Doubly fortunate: the episode came well before the age of the Internet, which means he didn’t have to see the whole thing auto-tuned.

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