McGruff The Crime Dog

Look, Lisa: it’s McGriff the Crime Dog. ‘Hello, Lisa. Help me bite crime. Ruff, ruff!’ — Marge/McGriff, “The Springfield Connection”

A rather obvious one, I would think, except it now occurs to me that it’s been a good fifteen years since I came across McGruff the Crime Dog in any setting, so perhaps some of the SHS’s younger readers may have not had the pleasure.

Like most talking dogs, McGruff just wants you to live a virtuous life free from the temptations of drugs, shoplifting, and other perils. He’s also an absolute surgeon on the ivories:

Since I aged into the functional, crime-free adult I’ve become thanks to McGruff’s watchful gaze, the bloodhound’s focus has evolved to keep up with these changing times. Significantly, he appears nowadays to be mostly dedicated to taking a bite out of bullying, and his image is now being used to hock a rather (in my opinion) Orwellian online activity monitoring system. Still got it.

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4 Responses to McGruff The Crime Dog

  1. Jeff Albertson says:

    Love the video with “Cindy Lawper”. Her stern but sensible face will remind me never to do drugs again.

  2. It’s heartwarming to see McGruff on the tough streets of Bel Air fighting crime.

  3. “Shh! Lisa, the dog is barking!”

  4. jl says:

    Also, the name McGriff is possibly a reference to Major League Super Star Fred McGriff, who had the nickname “Crime Dog”.

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