Terry Rakolta

Take that, you dumb squirrel! — Homer, “Itchy & Scratchy & Marge”

Marge’s crusade against I&S Studios calls to mind another moral avenger’s mission against obscenity, that undertaken by Terry Rakolta, who in 1989 took Married… with Children to task for a particularly scandalous episode featuring bosoms a’plenty.

The episode, “Her Cups Runneth Over” — which basically consisted of Al Bundy walking around a lingerie store for 22 minutes — was enough to prompt Rakolta to write letters to the show’s sponsors advising them of her outrage.

Some of the sponsors actually pulled their support from the show, prompting the Michigan matron to found advocacy group Americans for Responsible Television (S.N.U.H.) and hit the talk show circuit. None of those clips were readily available, but you can see her sound off here (at around 30:50).

Of course, MwC benefited from this newfound media scrutiny, notching record ratings in the weeks following Rakolta’s war declaration. The show continued on for eight more seasons, and today is considered relatively tame compared to just about everything else on television. So, if you’re planning on boycotting SHS for any reason, be sure to tell your friends.

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