If you miss this, you’d better be dead, or in jail! — Announcer #1

And if you’re in jail, break out! — Announcer #2, “Bart The Daredevil”

All hail Robosaurus, and his neon claws:

I’d probably invest an evening in that, to be honest.

I don’t care if you hate the song I used in this video. Sure, its not that great, but this video is about the GIANT ROBOTIC DINOSAUR! NOT the song.

Though adverse environmental conditions and the rising cost of ethanol have made giant dinosaur robots something of a rarity in these troubled times, selective consumers will be happy to note that there are in fact options to be had if you’re looking to see someone destroy cars in this country.

There’s Megasaurus


And, of course, Rick Wagoner

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One Response to Robosaurus

  1. The term “Truckasaurus” is so pervasive that it shows up frequently in Archer. The writers meant to say Robosaurus, but this instance was embedded in their minds.

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