The Chemosphere

Troy McClure’s back from the gutter, and he’s brought someone with him! — Troy McClure, “A Fish Called Selma”

Troy’s posh piscine pad is modeled on the Chemosphere, a classic piece of 60s architecture overlooking the San Fernando Valley region of sunny Los Angeles. Designed by architect John Lautner, the problem of how to pitch a home on such a steep slope was solved by suspending the UFO-like structure on a 30-foot concrete pylon.

The Chemosphere got its futuristic name thanks to the partial sponsorship of a company called Chemseal Corporation of America (now defunct, as far as I can tell), which contributed valuable materials to the process.

Excluding its animated appearance in The Simpsons, the Chemosphere is perhaps best known in the pop culture multiverse as the residence of the protagonist in Body Double, a sexy 80s sex thriller.

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