Fast Paced World

Perk up, Prendergast. Profoundly pressing power plant profit projections for Pete Porter in Pasadena. — Smithers

Priority? — Prendergast

Precisely. — Smithers, “Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part One”

That rapid fire Fedex scene that more-or-less opens WSMBPO is based on a truly well-done commercial that even now makes me want to run out and mail something:

“Fast Paced World”, colloquially referred to as the “Federal Express Fast Talker” bit, features more alliteration and wordplay than you can shake a stick at, and likely led more than one starry-eyed youth to the carnival barker/auctioneer circuit.

The star of the show, John Moschitta Jr. — who, according to the Guinness people, has established the high-water mark with the ability to fire off 568 words in a minute —  also applied his talents to other commercial endeavors, though I don’t think he’s going at quite the same clip for the Micro Machines people:

And many others that also may be worth your time. The term used to describe the ability to speak so quickly and with such articulation is “tachylalia“, for future reference.

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2 Responses to Fast Paced World

  1. Sweet cuppin’ cakes, wall-to-wall old white dudes and one woman (secretary, even!). So jarring!

  2. John Moschitta also voiced Blurr in the original Transformers cartoon, and the few times said character reappeared in Transformers Animated.

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