Colonel Klink

Colonel Klink! Did you ever get my letters? — Homer, “The Last Temptation Of Homer”

America’s favorite nazi in the 1960s, Colonel Klink was the chief antagonist of that bygone WWII period piece Hogan’s Heroes.

As the overseer of an Allied P.O.W. camp, Klink, played by German emigré Werner Klemperer, was a bumbling, pompous figure, ripe for hijinks, pratfalls, and, yes, a radio in the coffee pot.

Here he is being outwitted by Sergeant Carter once again:

And, of course, spending a weekend with Batman:

Of course, was also known for that other lovable Reichster, Sergeant Schultz!

John Banner, who portrayed Klink’s second-in-command, had himself fled Europe when things started looking bad for himself and his fellow Jews. Ironically, upon arriving to the U.S., the only roles the young actor could find were of the goosestepping variety. That wasn’t the note I was trying to end on here, but there it is.

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