The Pink Floyd Pig

You’re damn right I’m going to be pissed off! I bought that pig at Pink Floyd’s yard sale! — Peter Frampton, “Homerpalooza”

Pink Floyd in fact recruited several pigs through the band’s run from the Animals album up into the post-Waters era. There was the original, released above London’s Battersea Power Station for the cover shoot of the aforementioned album:

Then there was a newly “invigorated” pig constructed specially for the post-Waters era, as the remaining band members apparently didn’t possess the copyrights for the genuine porcine design:

And Roger Waters himself has kept things hip with various updates to the animal in his more recent grabs:

Returning to that first pig, the one on the wing, I recommend reading album cover designer Storm Thorgerson‘s highly entertaining recount [ctrl-f “animals” … though the whole thing is a good read for fans of The Floyd] of the events that led to the pig slipping its anchor and coasting away:

Day 2. Eleven still cameramen, eight man film crew, helicopter, one or two of the group, manager but no marksman (?). Pig launched successfully on bright clear morning. Hauled slowly up side of building, everyone snapping away. Near the top, betwixt the towers, a fateful gust of wind. The pig turned suddenly, broke mooring cable and lurched rapidly towards the heavens. No one had told the marksman to return. The pig sailed away and was lost from sight in five minutes. Absolute horrors.

Groovy, man.

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One Response to The Pink Floyd Pig

  1. Joey Joe Joe Jr. Shabadoo says:

    Spider Pig was there to promote The Simpsons Movie.

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