Jane Russell

If somebody’s in here, you’re in for some serious assforkin’. — Farmer guy, “Natural Born Kissers”

Marge’s tussled, come-hither look in the hay loft is based on a similar pose struck by actress Jane Russell in 1943’s The Outlaw. The film, Russell’s first, caused a fair stir in the crybaby community due to the prominence of the young actress’s cans and its glamorization of the outlaw lifestyle (not really).

Following her debut, Russell continued on through a fruitful acting/singing/pro-life advocacy career, most notably in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes alongside a certain sexpot.

One thing you can’t see in that photo is that Russell was one helluva woman, clocking in at a then-impressive 5’7″ and 200…tons. This gallery of sexy images should back me up. Sex.

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One Response to Jane Russell

  1. Mr. Snrub says:

    This post makes me horny AND angry!

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