The Corey Hotline

Hi, this is Corey. I hope you and I can get married someday. — Corey, “Brother From The Same Planet”

For those of us whose hearts belong to the Ryan Goslings and Nathan Fillions of this exciting age, it is hard to believe there was a time when not one but two Coreys held the hearts and loins of a wide-eyed nation.

Wow! These guys were like the Woodward and Bernstein of that golden era of teen heartthrobs (July 1987 – Nov. 1987), so much so that Wikipedia even has a special page for their tandem.

Anyway, getting to the matter at hand, yes, the Coreys did in fact at one point shill their own pay-per-minute Corey hotline, which promised all the hot Corey action you could handle:

I can’t connect to the number listed in this 24-year-old ad (900-909-3700) with my cell phone, but if any of you with a landline wants to make a go of it, please report your findings in the comments. Remember that the $2/minute has probably shot up a bit thanks to inflation and the enduring commercial value of people named Corey.

Anyway, like most teen idols who who were thrown into the Hollywood thresher, twenty years later, the two Coreys are currently doing just great. Corey Feldman has kept the money train moving with his continued contributions to the still-popular Lost Boys franchise.

And I’ve got to rush out to make an appointment now, but I’m sure the other one is doing fine, too.

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One Response to The Corey Hotline

  1. tdotelvis says:

    Ummmm…well, ONE of them is “currently doing just great”

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