Tommy Vu

I was poor like you… — Tommy Vu, “Homer vs. Lisa And The 8th Commandment”

Emerging from the 68-channel din of Homer’s cable television upgrade is a quick shoutout to notable get-rich-quick huckster Tommy Vu, who in the late 80s was a mainstay of the late-night infomercial circuit.

The Taiwanese-born Vu, who combined the ends-over-means aggression of Gordon Gekko with the broken English of…let’s say Short Round, offered alcoholics, the unemployable, and angry loners the vaguely-defined investment opportunity of a lifetime!

I have it on good sources that those three words were, “Caveat emptor, Rambo!”

Vu’s ads were waning at about the time The Simpsons gave Vu the hat-tip in Season 2, but I’m sure you won’t be surprised that he has recently emerged as a professional poker player. Here’s a video of the man in action, if you’re ready to take your first step as the kind of person who watches poker highlights on YouTube:

He’s also apparently back at work scamming the public with a new social networking ad revenue platform that could be my ticket out of this low-rent blogosphere…

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