Herman’s Head

What’s so funny? — Marge

Oh, uh, I was just thinking of a joke I saw on Herman’s Head… — Lisa, “Duffless”

Apparently, Herman’s Head would have still been running on FOX when “Duffless” aired in 1993. The sitcom pulled off three seasons from 1991 to 1994, centering around the life and psyche of a young research assistant, played by the “dark, wavy-haired, boyishly earnest” William Ragsdale.

The central gimmick of was the bickering cast of personalities that lorded over Herman’s thoughts: sensitivity, intellect, unhinged sexuality, and wrath.

Oh, and the show also happened to include a couple of real-life characters, played by Hank Azaria and Yeardley Smith, who of course…

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2 Responses to Herman’s Head

  1. Danny says:

    Thanks for reminding me that Herman’s Head exists– and, man, with that light jazz and chopping editing, that thing could have passed as a Mentos commerical. I had no idea Hank Azaria was on it either. Thanks for drudging up those memories!

  2. whobetterthanjunior says:

    America needs the wisdom of Herman’s Head now more than ever.

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