Holiday Throwaway: John Swartzwelder

Do you have any idea how many kids have tried to track me down? — Stacy Lavelle

Am I the first? — Lisa

…Yes. — Stacy, “Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy”

Happy Thanksgiving…aftermath! Apologies if you have to work today, but I don’t, so check back Monday for the usual output. Until then, enjoy these shout-outs to noted recluse, Simpsons writer, and novelist John Swartzwelder.

(That last one reads “Swartzwelder County”, but they cut it in two in “Dog Of Death”. I swear on this book of carpet samples.)

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6 Responses to Holiday Throwaway: John Swartzwelder

  1. Don’t forget the Mount Swartzwelder National Park (as seen in Mountain of Madness I believe?), and I believe there’s a statue for Swartzwelder County of John sitting on a horse.

  2. Gunnar McGriff says:

    I seem to remember hearing (possibly in a commentary) that they use basically the same character model for Crosby and Swartzwelder.)

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