The Great Gabbo

Everyone is saying, ‘Gabbo this’, and, ‘Gabbo that’. But no one is saying, ‘Worship this’, and, ‘Jericho that’. — Rev. Lovejoy, “Krusty Gets Kancelled”

Arthur Crandall’s devious dummy is named after the titular ventriloquist in the 1929 puppet romp, The Great Gabbo.

Note that in the film, it is the human that is named “Gabbo”. The dummy is “Otto”, who of course likes to get blotto.

When I let my guard down for that split second, YouTube acquired the rights to play a bunch of full-length films from the talkie era. Wouldn’t you know it, but The Great Gabbo is one of them. Grab some snacks:

Forgive me, gentle reader, but I don’t have the endurance to watch a Great Depression-era film about ventriloquism, so let’s just rate this movie a “9” and move on to the weekend. Have a good one, you little SOB’s.

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One Response to The Great Gabbo

  1. Look Smithers, Garbo is coming!

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