She has an illusion and you have reality. May you find your way as pleasant. — Head Talosian, “The Cage”

Itchy’s increased cranial capacity in “Planet of the Aches” (this is the episode Bart watches from his room in “Bart of Darkness”) apes the depiction of the mighty Talosians in the original Star Trek pilot.

The pilot of what would eventually morph into the mighty Star Trek franchise was a 1965 episode entitled “The Cage” that centered around, get this, an alien planet that the Enterprise’s crew visited and tooled around on for about an hour.

In lieu of William Shatner’s Capt. Kirk, the Enterprise was helmed by Capt. Christopher Pike, a hearty cherub of a man…

NBC, which was in line to pick up the new series, said that “The Cage” was a bit more “cerebral” than they were hoping, and they asked the producers to whip up a second pilot episode, which ended up being “Where No Man Has Gone Before”.

Jeffrey Hunter, who played Pike in the original pilot, declined to keep at it as Capt. Pike, which required the studio to bring aboard Shatner. And the rest was history.

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