AMC Gremlin

Otto, ya gotta do something! There’s a gremlin on the side of the bus! — Bart, “Treehouse of Horror IV”

A peculiar two-door with the fuel economy to back it up, the AMC Gremlin was designed by American Motors Corp. (bought out by Chrysler in the ’80s) as a response to the immensely popular VW Bug.

Its design supposedly first sketched on an airsickness bag, the Gremlin achieved moderate popularity among hip youngsters looking for a punchy and cheap, if oddly proportioned, ride.

This delightfully retro road test video sums up the car’s specs:

Production of the little beast ran from 1970 to 1978, when AMC pulled the plug. The car’s legacy isn’t the proudest, but there are certain collectors who can’t get enough. I’d probably wear this on a shirt:

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3 Responses to AMC Gremlin

  1. ringo says:

    It’s another Twilight Zone reference – there was a gremlin on the side of a plane, and only one character could see it (sorry, don’t remember the name of the episode, but I think the main character was William Shatner?)

  2. Yep, another Twilight Zone Reference. Double Header though was in the series and also in the movie 🙂,000_Feet

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