Fritz The Cat

Hey, my threads, baby! — Scratchy, “The Day The Violence Died”

The brainchild of underground comix trailblazer R. Crumb, Fritz the Cat (not to be confused with Felix the Cat) was a comic strip that focused on sex, drugs, the hippie movement, and everything else that was fun about the 1960s.

The titular character was a cynical, amoral feline who indeed finds himself in one wacky adventure after another. Observe:

After finding success in the alt comix scene, Crumb managed to get things together to make a feature-length Fritz the Cat movie, which turned out to be the first X-rated animated film ever (NC-17 didn’t yet exist). If you have a NetFlix account, it’s one of the play-on-your-computer ones.

Crumb’s unique drawing style can also be found in other iconic ’60s and ’70s artworks, including this Big Brother And The Holding Company LP and various others. Keep on truckin’, amigos.

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One Response to Fritz The Cat

  1. I’m a fan of R. Crumb, so I’ve always loved the Simpson’s homage. But I think it’s important to note that Crumb hated Ralph Bakshi’s Fritz the Cat movie, which eventually led him to kill off the character Trotsky-style with an ice axe.

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