Oh, my God, he is like some sort of…non…giving up…school guy! — Bart, “The Boy Who Knew Too Much”

The chase sequence between Skinner and Bart in “The Boy Who Knew Too Much” is scripted to mimic the climax of Westworld, a 70s science fiction romp written and directed by Michael Crichton.

Westworld‘s antagonist, an unnamed robotic cowboy ably played by Magnificent Seven alum Yul Brynner, does perhaps approximate the faceless menace posed by Skinner.

Though Westworld *spoiler alert* sucks, it did well enough at the box office to justify both a sequel and a short-lived TV spin-off that ran for all of three episodes.

Having just invested 90 minutes of my life watching the film, I would like to spare you all a similar trial, so let’s get right to the robot sex:

The theme of killer robots going after their human masters also later pops up in “Itchy & Scratchy Land”, and I think we all remember how that turned out.

Isn’t it wonderful? Master Yul has found a true love.

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  1. Brian Q. says:

    McGarnagle, thank you so much for this blog. Keep up the great work – this is such a great idea for a blog! I learn something new every post, all while laughing.

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