Salgam (Turnip Juice)

And, with that, a mighty cheer went up from the heroes of Shelbyville. They had banished the awful lemon tree forever…because it was haunted. Now, let’s all celebrate with a cool glass of turnip juice. — Grampa Simpson lookalike, “Lemon Of Troy”

Though şalgam suyu apparently contains negligible quantities of turnip, the name, when translated from the Turkish, does in fact mean “turnip juice”. So, here it is.

Ingredients: water, violet carrot, turnip, salt, pounded wheat or bulgur flour.

You can learn how to prepare it using the aforementioned link, but I really don’t think this is something you want to be drinking. And why make it yourself, when you can simply purchase it from reputable online vendors?

According to the FDA-authorized spec sheet, Shaga-brand şalgam helps both for “eagle eyes” and against “the SARS disease”. Mmm, that’s good Billy!

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