Mark Russell

The deficit rag, oh yeah, the deficit rag. Those budget caps can be a 12-digit drag… — piano guy, “Mr. Lisa Goes To Washington”

Though Mark Russell has been laying relatively low lately, there was indeed a time where the pianist/comedian was the darling of the public broadcasting circuit. Though the Simpsons writers (via Bart) evidently thought he was a bit stodgy, the man was capable of pulling out any number of hammy one-liners that might just do the trick.

Q: “Do you have any writers?”

A: “Oh, yes…I have 535 writers. One hundred in the Senate and 435 in the House of Representatives.”

Nailed it! Though I do vaguely recall catching Russell on PBS in my salad days, I have a much more vivid memory of Phil Hartman mimicking him on Newsradio. Thank you, YouTube:

God, he was the man. Eh, one more:

Anyway, yeah. Mark Russell’s pretty good. Book him!

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