Did you know that there’s a direct correlation between the decline of Spirograph and the rise in gang activity? Think about it! — Dr. S., “Radioactive Man”

While I’m sure most of you kids are too young to remember when Spiromania had the nation in its plastic-toothed jaw, there was a time when we just couldn’t get enough.

The geometrical drawing toolkit first hit the market as “Spirograph” in 1966, but it actually dates back to the early 20th century, when “Wondergraph” was all the rage:

…and they didn’t eat it—they smoked it!

As Dr. S.’s obsessiveness demonstrates, the mathematical implications of the Spirograph system are far beyond the reasoning power of your average layman, so I won’t bore you with the complex mathematical formulae behind Spirograph. Feel free to explore, though.

But if you just want to have a good time and design some textbook covers, check out this riveting Spirograph applet. Seriously, it’s pretty fun.

Speaking of poisonous envy, here are the only five individuals on the human record to have ever been in a Spirograph house band:

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