Comet Kohoutek

And you’ve never found anything? — Bart

Once. But by the time I got to a phone, my discovery had already been reported by Principal Kohoutek. I got back at him, though…him and that little boy of his… — Principal Skinner, “Bart’s Comet”

Though not as well known as superstar Comets Halley and Hale-Bopp, Comet Kohoutek made a big splash when it was first sighted in 1973, with the usual hubbub cropping up.

Comet fiends hoped that Kohoutek would change everything we thought we knew about comets, but it turned out to be a letdown, barely perceivable by the naked eye and not bringing with it even one lousy apocalypse.

On the plus side, Kohoutek captured the imagination of various 70s musicians, and the Comet Invasion would take the world by storm:

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