LBJ’s Inauguration

‘L’ the losers in her wake, ‘I’ the income she will make, ‘T’ is for her tooth-filled mouth, ‘T’ is for her tooth-filled mouth… — Krusty, “Lisa the Beauty Queen”

The bullet that killed JFK launched then-Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson into the executive suite, with his inauguration taking place just two hours after the president’s death.

The inauguration took place in Air Force One’s cramped stateroom. As this helpful diagram demonstrates (scroll down…or teach me basic coding), Homer is filling in for Congressional rep Albert Richard Thomas. Marge is Jackie O, of course, + one iconic pillbox hat.

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3 Responses to LBJ’s Inauguration

  1. Another tidbit about the photo you may not know: See the guy on the far left hunched below the set of switches? That’s future MPAA chief jack Valenti.

  2. LBJ for civil rights and medicare and his adjuncts monumental. But I will ever hate him for Vietnam.

  3. Mary says:

    This scene is seared in my memory. This one and the scene where DIane Feinstein is announcing the murder of Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone in San Francisco.

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