LBJ’s Dogs

If that were a real Girl Scout, I’d have been bothered by now! — Mr. Burns, “Dog of Death”

The final slide we see in Santa Little Helper’s Clockwork Orange-style animal cruelty matinee depicts JFK stand-in Lyndon Baines Johnson hoisting his pet beagle up by the ears, a move that put the Texas Democrat in the dog house. Sorry.

The photo on the right is the one that got him in trouble, I believe, but it was evidently a popular parlor trick.

LBJ claimed that the move was for the beagles’ benefit, claiming, “it does them good to let them bark.” Animal lovers were less enthused about the stunt. Fortunately, the Vietnam War was picking up steam around the time of the 1964 photo op, so more pressing criticism awaited the president.

LBJ’s beagles were named Him and Her, if you were curious. The president’s other pets included Blanco, Yuki, and J. Edgar, the wire-tappin’est dog in the White House.

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4 Responses to LBJ’s Dogs

  1. His record for equal rights and Medicare are lasting legacy. But because of that dirty senseless war I will hate LBJ forever and rate him at the bottom of presidential standings.

  2. Chas says:

    The epic tragedy is that with Twitter, Facebook, and the rest of the social media darlings we can never, ever have another President elected with as much “charisma” as LBJ…

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