My Mother the Car

You are absolutely, positively the dumbest haunted love tester that I have ever met. — Moe Szyslak, “The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase”

The second of Fox’s three Simpsons spin-off bids is a loose (well, it’s pretty spot-on, truthfully) parody of My Mother the Car, a 1960s “fantasy sitcom” starring younger Van Dyke brother Jerry as attorney David Crabtree.

My Mother’s premise centered around a dusty, old jalopy that had inexplicably been infused with the soul of Crabtree’s deceased mother. The show offered a dark, probing look into the twin realities of mortality and automobile maintenance.

Like most talking sitcom cars, this one had wisdom, warmth, and sass to boot.

Before we move on, I just want to confirm that, yes, Jerry Van Dyke also played the short guy on Coach. Happy?

The show ran for only one season, but somehow managed to pack in 30 episodes’ worth of zaniness in its abbreviated run. Let’s take a look at the pilot:

TV Guide’s most recent rankings of the worst television shows of all time put My Mother in the 2-slot (behind only Jerry Springer), but Hulu has all 30 episodes available if you’d like to decide for yourself.

Assuming you lack the time to scope it out on your own, here are the episode synopses.

Finally, it’s worth noting that a young James L. Brooks actually served as a writer for My Mother before moving on to (arguably) better things.

(And, extra finally, thanks very much to the good people at for featuring on their homepage yesterday. To those who may have stuck around: greetings! -Django)

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5 Responses to My Mother the Car

  1. ejxd2 says:

    I’m racking my brain trying to remember what Moe tells Marge to do when he pulls up. Can you refresh my memory with a quote?

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