Ya Got Trouble

The ring came off my pudding can. — Chief Wiggum, “Marge vs. the Monorail”

Lyle Lanley’s immaculately choreographed sales pitch for the Springfield Monorail mirrors that made by renowned shyster Harold Hill in The Music Man. It’s the one with the trombones.

While The Music Man was originally presented as a stage production in the late 50s, it was subsequently adapted for the silver screen, which is where we here observe “Ya Got Trouble”:

Personally, I find the Simpsons homage a better song, but perhaps I am biased in this matter. One thing is certain: a gasping Matthew Broderick is in over his head in the TV movie adaptation. Observe (starts around 5:00):

Trouble it is. For you.

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6 Responses to Ya Got Trouble

  1. thethrillofitall says:

    This is a wonderful blog, I’m a huge Simpsons junkie, keep up the amazing work : )

  2. dm1an says:

    Muy buen blog. Felicitaciones. Sin dudas lo voy a seguir

  3. I loved the 2003 version of The Music Man. Matthew Broderick and Kristin Chenoweth were perfect in it. Ya Got Trouble and Till There Was You are two of my favourites from this musical.

  4. Andrew says:

    Hey, did you think the statue at the end of the song looks like the Jebediah Springfield statue? (see 4:38).

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