Okay, Ron, which one of our girls said the following about you: ‘He looked so sexy, I hoped we would have sex’? — ‘Hunks’ host, “New Kid On The Block”

Studs was a sex game show that ran from 1991 to 1993, featuring innuendo, tongue-kissing, a host that merely looked like Paul Reiser, and a lot of hooting and hollering from a live studio audience. Try and guess what network it aired on. Go ahead.

We are watching Fox.

Well, technically the show was merely produced by Fox, airing on more and more local affiliates as it grew in popularity. Here’s a typically brainless scene:

Whoo! Studs pushed out a staggering 580 episodes in less than three seasons, featuring as a contestant, among other notables, aspiring model Ron Goldman (oddly enough, the Hunks host addresses ‘Ron’ in the Simpsons ep).

According to Entertainment Weekly, the show also included an unusual clause in its release form that shielded the network from liability stemming from “non-consensual physical contact; communicable sexual disease; personal injury or property damage; permanent disability or death resulting therefrom”, and other risks of the modern dating scene.

Finally, via Wikipedia, here is the absolute worst thing you want to read about a show you worked on:

Although the show earned high ratings among young viewers and was fairly popular during its run, it was canceled to make room for the short-lived The Chevy Chase Show.

[annoyed grunt]

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