America does love him however, because regardless of his absence of knowledge he is a sincere human being. Marge Simpson: Marge is the mommy of the family members in addition to the one person that has the capability to maintain peace of mind among the entire population inside the home. She is smart as well as great at all of the housekeeping activities, although the majority of her focus relaxes in breaking up fights between other family members. Her voice is a sober as well as intelligent one throughout the collection and therefore she works as a comic foil to her partner Homer. In spite of that however, he is a computer game nerd and also still a person based on harassing on a variety of celebrations by a variety of different individuals. While he does frustrate both his papa as well as his sister Lisa, Bart has actually been recognized to present a deep affection for both of them on various events when he has actually done something good for them. Unlike her bro Bart, she masters school and always earns straight As almost whatever the subject occurs to be. She is constantly expanding her knowledge and while she does get teased from time to time, in some way she has the ability to avoid it a lot more so than her brother. Regardless of obtaining upset at him frequently, Lisa does look after her brother a whole lot and also helps him whenever she can. Very little is known about her except for the fact that she is constantly in the best place and the correct time to develop funny gold.