Lots of people think of old when they listen to words vintage. Many people enjoy the look and also design of these sorts of teapots, and also there are many varieties to select from. There are lots of oriental styles, English, and a fantastic selection of ceramic and porcelain. Some are so great that you would certainly have a hard time in fact using them to hold tea, yet wish to put them in a good case instead. You can find these at numerous estate sales, auctions, and also antique shops, and if you look very closely, and have an eye for these points, also garage sales. For a long time the Japanese have been making teapots, and are taken into consideration to be experts in the world of tea because they do have countless styles available. What is a Yixing teapot you might ask? Well, Yixing teapots are clay teapots that go as far back as 15th century China, and is made from Yixing clay, in the providence of Jiangsu in Eastern China. All 3 of these types would make a great enhancement to your residence’s dcor, and also be the center of attention at any party.