Lincoln University has a museum that is open to the public that houses artifacts and files about Abraham Lincoln, the town as well as various other local background. Foley Residence
The Foley House was placed on the National Register of Historic Places May 3rd, 1984. Otis also helped design the Newberry Library in Chicago. The road your house is on still has the red block that existed when the house was built. Court Foley additionally had Mr. Court Foley over a 4 year span donated virtually 5,000 books to the collection. David H. purchased the Foley residence and donated it to Lincoln University in 1937 and also it was relabelled Hart Hall. Lincoln visited on a whistle-stop project in 1860. In 1865 his funeral train stopped in Lincoln overnight after that ended up the trip to Springfield. Postville Court house
The Postville Courthouse State Historical Site was constructed in 1840, the present building is a reproduction built in 1953. The very first flooring holds the function and also positioning rooms as well as the 2nd flooring has a 1840’s courtroom and area workplace. in 1929 Henry Ford bought the original home and also it was relocated to Dearborn, Michigan to come to be a part of the Greenfield Town Gallery. Community of Lincoln
The town has numerous murals as well as statues, many of them depict Abraham Lincoln or other neighborhood history. One extremely interesting sights in the community is the phone cubicle that sits on top of the roof of Lincoln Town hall. The perch was made use of during WWII for spotters for Civil Protection to keep an eye out for opponent aircraft. The phone was a fully-operational as well as was used to caution the town of putting at risk weather condition.