The sunflower is frequently portrayed as a smiling, satisfied flower in modern-day times and also with all of its advantages, this analogy is completely precise. Archeological proof has revealed that the Native Americans thought about the sunflower an unique plant as well as used it generously – as far back as 2300BC. The Lakota Indians, during their Sun Dance Event, would certainly put on medallions in the shape of a sunflower head as they danced throughout the ritualistic occasion. revitalized the body prior to battle. ” When the first Europeans concerned America, they completely neglected the sunflower – preferring traditional plants such as corn, wheat as well as rye to the sunflower – labeling the sunflower as too difficult to harvest when contrasted to the standard fare, thus bring about gardening books largely ignoring the sunflower. The 1700’s saw the flower end up being a vital crop as well as was commonly made use of for oil production and the seeds for illness resistance. The sunflower is now much more preferred than ever before.