Greetings, friends. No, this isn’t new SHS content, but I appreciate the offer. No, today I’m here to direct you all to something else I’ve cooked up in my free time: a short comedy video that I’m confident you’ll enjoy.

And here’s the kicker: It has absolutely nothing to do with The Simpsons! I know that might be hard to believe given all that we’ve done here, but you can see for yourself as you watch, re-watch, and laboriously share on social media the following:

Hilarious, right? Forgive the stupid title and the unnecessary profanity. And do spread the video with the universe if you believe it merits such treatment.

Speaking of bald social media plugs, you also may have noticed a recent change in the SHS Twitter handle. Namely, that I’ve merged it with my personal account. So you’ll now see my trenchant personal insights and devilish bon mots along with the regular SHS update material. Hopefully that won’t be too annoying.

Finally, speaking of new material, after you’re done laughing yourself silly at the above video and tweets, there will be a new SHS entry on Friday. It’s about hamburgers. Patience, my pet.

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3 Responses to Miscellaneous

  1. Alex says:

    I feel obligated to like this on YouTube thanks to all the entertainment you’ve given me, and so I will.

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